To Get Started



  1. Contact us by using the form below
  2. Receive estimate and accept if you’re ready to book
  3. You will receive an invoice in which you will pay the deposit
  4. You will receive a link to e-sign our service agreement/contract


  1. Keep us the loop for any contract changes (services can be changed/added up until 2 weeks prior to your event- subject to availability).
  2. At least 1 month prior to event- obtain your beer/wine permit from the SLA online if your venue requires ( applications). This serves as your “liquor license” essentially for the event. Ask us/your venue for help if needed, as it will be their information being used in the application. It is your responsibility to obtain this and provide it to your venue.
  3. If your venue requires to be listed as additionally insured, we must know at least a month ahead of time and you must pay for any costs incurred.
  4. Two weeks prior to event- finalize all details/timing with us (ceremony time, signature drink choices, any important details that may affect us).
  1. Have all alcohol/mixers/ice/coolers- anything you are supplying for the event IN THE LOCATION OF THE BAR(S). We need to be able to arrive and set up self-sufficiently without disturbing anyone at the event for help (where to put bar, where to find the beer, etc.- we will not track down alcohol as it needs to be at bar location).
  2. Have the beer/wine iced down prior to our arrival- there’s not enough time during set up to get the beer completely chilled for the start of the event!
  3. If you have not paid your balance, have payment ready for us PRIOR TO SERVICES STARTING. We do not want to bother anyone for money during/after the event.